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For questions and inquires please contact the Managing Agents of the Association by using this form.  Emails are responded to in the order they were received during normal business hours.  Many general  questions can be answered by clicking HERE.  You must be a registered user to use the link.
Are you looking for a Resale Certificate?  Please click HERE.
Fees Related to Property Transfers:
Resale Certificate is $375.00 payable to Crest in advance
Certified statement of account (transfer fee) is $295.00 payable to Crest at closing
Refinance fee is $75.00
Rush fee is $100.00
Silverlake Homeowners Association, Inc. has been formed as a means of assuring the continued maintenance and upkeep of the Silverlake subdivision, as well as to provide for the enforcement of deed restrictions and to ultimately protect property values.
The Associations' primary responsibilities revolve around protecting and enhancing property values. They work diligently to maintain the common areas, ensuring they are well-maintained and visually appealing. Additionally, the Associations enforce deed restrictions to preserve the community's overall aesthetics and uphold the established standards. By doing so, they strive to create an attractive living environment that contributes to the property values of the residents.

Silverlake is located in Brazoria County. It is governed by recorded restrictions which provide for use limitations, determination and collection of annual maintenance fees.